Monday, September 14, 2015

Work Up Day #1

Today was Raul's first day of his work up week for transplant. It was a very long day; we were at the hospital from 8-3:30 for tests and appointments. He had vitals/calendar review with a medical assistant, met with a PA to go over things and for a few consents, got to tour the clinic and find toys with child life, a central line consult with radiology, a consult with integrated therapy, a meeting with Care Partners, a teaching with child life about our blood/the cells in our blood and what a central line looks like, a meeting with social work, a meeting with pharmacy, an EKG, and a blood draw.

He was a bit nervous, and very exhausted as he didn't sleep much last night, but still did well! He was great getting both the EKG and labs done, and he got a token to pick out a prize after his blood draw. He fell asleep for about 5 minutes during our last meeting, but woke right back up. In the middle we had a little break so got to run down for lunch and spend a little while in the library. They had a therapy dog in the library that you could read to, and Raul pet him a little. He also was able to pick a couple movies and books to borrow! When we got back to the RMH we met the house dog and then walked to a restaurant for dinner. Now we are about to do bandages and then hoping to get to bed early! Raul is already very much done with meetings, so the rest of the week might be interesting!

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