Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day -6

Today was Raul's first day of chemo, and he did great! He was actually particularly happy today! He started increased IV fluids last night, as the Cytoxin can be hard on the bladder. He has to pee a certain amount every two hours to make sure it is being flushed out of the bladder (this will go until noon tomorrow). He didn't pee enough the first two hours, so got half a dose of lasix, which seemed to solve the problem! He also received an IV medication during the day to help protect his bladder.

The other chemo med. he got today was Fludarabine. The Fludarabine will be given daily for 5 days, while the Cytoxin was just one dose. He also started receiving a preventative anti-fungal medication, and got a continual zofran drip (which was a huge help for his nausea from his antibiotics).

He had a great day, and was friendly and talkative with everyone who came in. He got to have PT today, and had fun playing on his floor mats. We did have to do a bandage change with a sponge bath, and will have to do that daily during the chemo. Raul did spike a fever late in the day today, so they drew blood cultures. Tonight the nausea seems to be hitting him a but more, but not too severely yet.

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