Saturday, August 29, 2015

End of Vacation

On our last day of vacation we did a character breakfast at our hotel, played in our room while there was a storm, and then went down to the pools once the weather improved! Raul was not as interested in the characters that day, but still gave them some smiles and kisses. While it rained he asked to sit at the desk to play his iPad and looked so cute in the big desk chair! 

When we went to the pool, at first he was hesitant, but he ended up playing a bit at the spray park area and enjoying the lazy river. He was extremely relaxed floating on one of the tubes in the river (the kids ones had a plastic bottom so he was barely even getting wet, which he liked), and laughed while spinning and bumping into empty tubes! 

Yesterday we flew home, and Raul was a bit sad for vacation to be over. He was exhausted from a busy week though, and ended up sleeping most of the plane ride home! 

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