Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day -7

My dad just visited for a few days, so we had fun going out on pass in the evenings. Sunday we had dinner at the RMH then went to a nearby accessible playground. Raul had a lot of fun, particularly on the swing. He was doing a lot of singing and kept saying, "this is the best day ever!". Every day since he has talked about it and said he wants to go back!

Yesterday during the day things were pretty quiet with just BMT rounds and a visit from PT. In the evening we walked to visit a fire station, which unfortunately was closed up tightly, but later as we were walking a fire truck drove by us with their lights going so Raul was satisfied! We got word while walking around that our insurance was denying the transplant, but of course it was then after hours at our insurance company so we couldn't reach anyone there. We also had dinner out at a restaurant before heading back. 

Today was a very long and stressful day trying to figure out the insurance denial. After many phone calls and various approaches, we got word that BCBS had now APPROVED the transplant! We still don't know exactly what, if anything, was wrong in the first place. It sounds like it may have just been a big error. So after getting that good news we went back to the RMH for dinner and play time for our last night out before starting chemo! We are officially on day -7 today for Raul's transplant! The days before transplant are negative numbers, transplant day is 0, and the days after that are positive numbers.

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