Saturday, September 19, 2015

Inpatient Day 3

Raul had his tunneled catheter central line placed yesterday. Their hope was that they could place a PICC instead until his fevers are fully cleared up, but his arm wounds did not allow for that to happen. They had told us that if they got the PICC it would be a short procedure, and it would be longer if they did the full central line, so we knew when he was in there over an hour that the central line was placed! 

He was super unhappy during the day about being NPO. They had to stop his formula and any eating by mouth at 8am, and they stopped clear liquids at 1pm. Unfortunately, his procedure was delayed, and he didn't go back until after 5pm, so it was a long day! When he woke up he scarfed down a baby food pouch, a bit of drinkable yogurt, and some powerade! We also met with infectious disease and the pain team again, as well as the BMT team and visit from Dr. Tolar! Orthopedic surgery tried to come by at 10pm when he was sleeping and hadn't had his pre-medication and asked to see his legs, but I declined, so they will come back Monday! Thankfully he finally slept well last night!

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