Friday, September 25, 2015

Inpatient Days 9-10

Yesterday Raul had a repeat MRI of his legs done in the morning. They wanted to make sure there was not an active infection that could delay his transplant, and thankfully they came back late in the day to say the MRI showed no sign of oseomyelitis! However, he will be staying on the antibiotics through his transplant. Today they were able to change one of the antibiotics to something less potent, as his cultures came back as being sensitive to this more gentle antibiotic (and oddly, one was resistant to the powerful antibiotic!). 

We also saw the pain team, and are continuing to work on a good plan for Raul. Yesterday we changed Raul's bandages after his MRI while he was in the PACU and it was better than Tuesday, but he was still pretty awake and unhappy. 

Today we also got to get a pass to go back to the RMH for dinner and some time to play there. We had fun getting out for a break from the hospital! Raul has been getting used to the hospital, and is warming up the doctors and nurses. Tonight when we got back I was telling the nurse about how Raul had told the doctors they could work as a team to find him a toy, and she found him this super cool fire truck pillow! He was very excited!

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  1. What an awesome pillow Raul! Hugs to you and Caroline, and many prayers!