Sunday, September 27, 2015

Inpatient Day 11

Yesterday Raul had OT in the morning, had rounds with the BMT team, and got to meet a bunch of therapy dogs in the lobby. There was one dog that could bowl with a foam bowling set, which Raul thought was pretty cool! In the late afternoon we got another pass to go back to the RMH. We had dinner, did laundry, and played in the room and playroom. We also got to meet Zuzia Macheta and her family. It was nice for Raul to be able to see another older child with EB, and he also thought it was pretty cool that she had the same stroller! 

Raul has been asking the nurses for some funny things when they ask if he needs anything, and yesterday starting saying he needed something "funny and amazing". The overnight nurse asked about what animals he liked, and he said camels, so when we woke up this morning they had printed some funny camel pictures for him!

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  1. Just stopping by to check on Raul and Mommy. Praying that Raul is doing well. Both of you are in mt thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Jo