Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Inpatient Day 8

We had so many people/teams visit us today that I can barely remember them all! ID, Dermatology, Pain Management, BMT, PT, OT, Speech, Care Partners, and a woman who brings by new books weekly. Most teams addressed the PACU fiaso from yesterday, and we are hoping tomorrow will be better when he goes for his MRI. The pain team is going to prescribe a new pain medication that we have not tried before for more acute pain. ID said his skin cultures came back with one bacteria, and luckily his current antibiotics cover that one (oddly it wasn't his most common one!). PT/OT/Speech talked and did assessments. Some will start services now, and some will wait until after transplant.

A volunteer from Care Partners came by with a huge gift bag to welcome us to the hospital. Raul was VERY excited to go through it! He also got three new books from the woman who brings by books, and a Love Your Melon hat from a table they set up in the lobby this morning. As you could probably guess, he considered this to be a good day with all the gifts! We also walked in the halls a bit, played Duplo on our play mat, played iPad, did a little school work, and had a failed nap attempt due to all the visitors I listed above!

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