Monday, September 21, 2015

Inpatient Day 6

Our day started off early with a 5:30 am blood transfusion due to a low hemoglobin level. Around 8 we had Raul's radiation consult down in the radiation department. We mostly talked, but at the end he went into the treatment room and had to get a bunch of measurements taken. He was really nervous about that part, but there was an awesome radiation tech that helped a lot! The radiation does not need to be done sedated, but there is no way he could stay still long enough alone in a room, so he will be sedated! 

When we came back to the unit he played with his cars/trucks, pretend snow, and water for a while. The BMT team came in for their rounds, and went over the plans. Later in the day the GI team came up to change his g-tube size to make it easier for their scope tomorrow. We went outside briefly, but Raul decided it was too sunny, so we went back to the room. In the evening orthopedic surgery came by again to see his knees and luckily they agreed with our Boston orthopedic doctors that they would not recommend biopsying the bone. He will have a repeat MRI on Thursday (they couldn't get it tomorrow with everything else). 

Raul also had his first ever "babysitter" today! We signed up to have a Care Partners volunteer come by and sit with Raul so that we could run back to the Ronald McDonald House for more of our stuff. He didn't complain at all when we left, and said he had fun, which was very reassuring as I will most likely need to use them occasionally while here by myself!

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