Saturday, December 12, 2015

Days +65/+66/+67

The past few days have gone pretty well! Raul's counts have come back up (ANC/WBC), and he has not needed GCSF since Monday! His platelets and hemoglobin are also improving. He is still dropping, but not as quickly as before. He had to get 25ml of blood drawn yesterday for research labs (along with his regular labs), and his hemoglobin only dropped slightly. He did get blood today though, as he is close to the transfusion threshold and they prefer to give it on a day he has dialysis. He got platelets in the evening on Thursday, and he has been holding on to them much better (his platelets were still 42 this morning and in the 30s this afternoon!). He got his second dose of the Soliris yesterday, and I am cautiously optimistic that it is helping!

Thursday Raul had quite a few fevers during the day, but they did all come down with Tylenol. From Thursday evening to Friday evening he only had ONE fever, which was amazing! Then overnight Friday he had another fever, and one or two during the day, but we are still seeing improvement in how often/how high they are. We have remained on our normal dialysis schedule. Raul's weight has been stable, but his BUN is still getting pretty high between dialysis runs. He also peed once Friday and once Saturday, which was exciting! Raul is still mostly wanting to rest, but has been a bit more perky and talkative. He even told the doctor he could borrow his Christmas blanket because the doctor said he liked it! Today he wore clothes for the first time in a long time, and we got him to go downstairs with us quickly to get a Christmas balloon. We still have some issues to work through, but it has been nice to see improvement! 

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  1. I'm so glad things are more positive. I love the pic of Raul in bed wearing his Christmas hat! Just adorable.