Monday, December 21, 2015

Day +77

Tonight we got the special treat of being able to take Raul out on a pass for about an hour and a half! Santa was making an appearance at the Ronald McDonald House, so we got permission to take Raul over to see him. Raul was talking about it all day, though wasn't too happy when we woke him up to change him and go. Once he realized we were on the move without the IV pole he cheered up again, though! He was quite talkative riding in the car looking at vehicles and lights. He hasn't been in the car in quite a long time!

We made it to the RMH just in time to see Santa before he left! Raul talked to him a bit, and told him what he wanted for Christmas. Santa was very nice and took plenty of time with him. Then Raul briefly got to see Gabe, a boy just a little older than him with EB. Raul was fading, and asked to go up to the room there to rest a bit. He was so comfy on the big bed and it was perfect for snuggling! He really wanted to sleep there, and said he didn't want to go back to the hospital, but we told him that once he got a bit better/stronger he would be able to go there more often. 
Then we headed out to look at Christmas lights for a few minutes before going back to the hospital. Even though it was a short break, it definitely gave us all a boost to be out of the hospital together! We are hoping to get out again on Christmas, and I think Raul will do great with a longer break as long as he has a spot to rest. 

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