Friday, December 25, 2015

Day +80

Merry Christmas! Today we got a four hour pass to spend part of Christmas with our family at their rental house. We had a great time, and it was very nice to get a break from the hospital! Raul was up a lot overnight, but then slept in slightly this morning. When he woke up there were Santa presents from the hospital on our counter, which he was quite excited about! We opened those, and he got some great vehicles. Then it was time to get him dressed and unhooked from his pumps!

My mom and dad came to pick us up at 10am for our four hour pass. We headed over to the rental house and were surprised that Raul wanted to sit on the floor not lie on the couch. He stayed sitting on the floor through opening stockings and his first Lego set from under the tree. Then he got to play iPad on the couch for a little bit while we had brunch. He also played a bit with a Lego car on the couch with my brother in law.

Then he was excited to open the rest of his presents. He still isn't playing much, but he wanted everything opened and did smile about his gifts. He had picked out garbage truck shirts for some of us, and did laugh as we all opened our shirts one after the other! After we were done opening presents he wanted us to build a few of his Legos, and he requested to lie on the floor under the Christmas tree. He stayed awake until just before we had to leave to come back to the hospital, and then was pretty unhappy to have to come back. It still seems to be good for him to get these breaks, though, and he acts much more like himself when we are out and having fun!

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