Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day +85

Today Raul got his G tube switched out for a GJ tube. We are hoping to be able to get him off TPN sooner rather than later, as his liver is still not happy. His bilirubin had jumped back to over 10 this morning, so he also had a repeat ultrasound. The ultrasound only showed minor changes in the size of his kidneys/liver, and did not give us any straightforward answers for his increased bilirubin.

Other than that, Raul got platelets today after two days without, and he has not needed GCSF for several days now as his ANC has stayed above 1. Raul's CSA was switched from a continuous drip to regular IV doses, which is a step needed before he can get out of the hospital. We had tried g-tube doses unsuccessfully before, but hopefully the IV version will work better for him!

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