Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Made It!

We made to Romania, and have been at our hotel for a couple hours now. Our first flight was a bit eventful, as we landed in a lightening storm, then got stuck on the runway in the storm because the ground crew was not allowed out in the storm. We could actually see the zig-zagging lighting while in the air! So we were late, but no other planes were allowed to leave, so we made our next plane okay. Then we ended up sitting on that plane on the ground for about two hours due to delays from the storm, and someone deplaned so they had to find her bag before we could go. It was about 7.5 hours to Frankfurt, where we were again running late from our plane delays, so we had to move quickly to get to the gate. After being bussed back out to a plane (apparently it's cheaper for the airlines to rent runway space than gates!), we had our last flight, which was nice and short. On the overnight flight there was some extra room, so I got 2/3 seats in the middle row to myself, and my dad got two seats (an aisle and a window). I was able to lie down the whole time, and actually slept an hour or two.

When we got here we got ripped off on a taxi as usual, though not too bad this time, and we DID end up stuck in traffic. We had only carry-ons, with the stroller gate checked the whole way. No one questioned my scissors for Raul's bandaging, and only one person questioned the baby food with no baby, but since it fit in my quart bag, I won! We made it to the hotel, exhausted, and were relieved to have internet and comfortable beds. The housekeepers brought up a nice wood crib for Raul to use, and it is right next to my bed :)

We had room service, watched two pretty lame movies, and tried to work out the details for tomrrow. As of now, the plan is for Coca and Dorel to bring Raul to the hotel tomorrow around noon. I am excited to see both of them, and of course to see Raul! Hopefully they will have all the proper paperwork, and then we will go at 3 to the Embassy (behind the hotel) to get his travel documents and talk to a man in Citizen Services about how to get through Boarder Control smoothly. I was able to talk to Raul's doctor here tonight through email, and she is very supportive and excited, she just said she hopes he doesn't cry on the flights :) . She was also able to update me on his immunizations and bloodwork (which is important as he is anemic). Perfect timing!

Right before we left I got word that Raul has been approved to go to the next multidisciplinary EB clinic at CO Children's, and they will be sending out the paperwork to us. He will see a dentist, PT, OT, pain management, nutrition, dermatology, GI, and possibly more. Then all those doctors will get together to formulate a comprehensive plan for Raul! It will also be nice to meet other families with EB children of similar ages, as the information about the clinic said families usually interact. It is only held once a month, and is the only of it's kind in that part of the country! Even though we have to travel to get it, I am glad Raul will be getting the best care!


  1. I am so excited that you are finally there to get Raul! You DID it Caroline!!! I'm proud to know you. Your perseverance is amazing.

  2. Thanx for keeping us posted! Good luck at the Embassy tomorrow!