Monday, July 25, 2011

A Busy Week

As I said in my last post, we found out last week that Raul is fighting a few infections. His doctor that he saw in the ER has been checking in, and she is surprised at how well is doing. He takes his medicines well (other than the Atarax, which doesn't seem to be his favorite), and his wounds are actually starting to look a bit better. He has been eating a TON of baby food and yogurt! He would be happy to have someone sit and feed him yogurt all day! He has also started drinking out of his sippy cup again, which is great.

To the surprise of the doctors, he is feeling much better than he was last week at this time. He talked non-stop almost all day today, and spent a lot of time in his walker. We have to chase him around though as he is a mischevious almost two year old and likes to get into everything. And Teddy, our dog, was very sick over the weekend, so we are trying to keep Raul from bothering him, but neither of them are helping haha. Teddy seems to like Raul, and Raul definitely loves Teddy.

Raul has been much more mobile lately, and loves rolling around on the floor. He also likes it if you stand him up holding his hands and make him walk (basically push his feet in a walking movement), so I am hoping he will learn to walk before heading home to Romania. In CO he will get physical therapy, so hopefully that will help. He is also sort of crawling now. He can't tuck his knees under him in the normal fasion due to his blisters, but he drags his legs along and goes backwards, sideways, and a little bit forwards. He definitely has no problem getting where he wants to go!

Today I had my own procedure to remove a few moles, and apparently Raul was the life of the party in the waiting room with my mom. She said he "talked" (loudly!) the whole time, and was flirting with some of the little toddler girls. He was "talking" so loudly that the women at the desk were having trouble hearing their phones! He also got to eat some yogurt, his favorite, both in the waiting room and the cafeteria. Hopefully his behavior today is an indicator of how he will do waiting for appointments in CO!

Raul likes to be on the MOVE. He, and all his stuff, started on the blue blanket...

HOT weather in Boston

New toy from Granny


One day he fell asleep for his nap with his "lovey" on his head haha

Shirt from Kristen. It is a joke as when he was a baby we called him the "little smurf" because of all the blue skin medicine they used on him in Tutova!

Sleeping with his "lovey" and his yellow egg :)

Shirt from Granny


  1. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for taking the time to update your blog. I am glad Raul is doing better and also that you got your procedure done. I think it was a smart decision, and I am happy you had your mom there to watch him. You will need to watch your little man while in Colorado. Who knows how many girlfriends he will get while waiting on his appts. there, since he seems to be the lil flirt :)

    God Bless you for what you are doing,

    Lee Ann

  2. I have forgotten when you are coming to Colorado. Please let me know when you are coming and if there is anything you need.

  3. Yvette, we will be coming next Monday, August 1st, with Raul's first appointment being on the 3rd! -Caroline

  4. Caroline, that picture of you holding Raul where he has that big grin on his face is priceless! I'm so thrilled that he is eating, moving, and healing.