Saturday, July 9, 2011

Leaving Monday!

My dad and I are leaving Monday evening on our trip to get Raul! If all goes as planned, we will be home Thursday evening. Raul will be brought to Bucharest from Barlad, where we will then have to go to the Embassy to get his travel documents. Luckily we will be staying at a hotel right across the street from the U.S. Embassy, so that should be easy! I have spent the last couple days getting all Raul's stuff together for the trip (the normal baby stuff, as well as a whole set of bandages and extras for the flights). We are going to try to fly carry on only, but are still deciding about the stroller. Luckily I am not bringing much for myself, so I SHOULD be able to fit it all in a carry on (I was starting to get nervous about if my checked bag was lost with ALL the baby stuff in it!).

Ciprian was able to get our Romanian background checks from Vaslui last week (a step seemingly added by the Romanians after he was granted humanitarian parole), and will go Monday morning with the parents to the lawyer for one more POA document (more details are needed according to Boarder Police), and an official copy of Raul's birth certificate. Ciprian has been amazingly helpful through this whole process!!

We are hoping that Dorel and Coca will be the ones to bring Raul to Bucharest Wednesday, as we miss them, and I have a couple small gifts for Coca, but those plans are not confirmed quite yet! Please think about us this week as we brave more possible obstacles getting Raul out of Romania, and for a smooth transition for Raul!

**And if you are new to reading this blog (I just made it public), then welcome!


  1. Good Luck
    Safe travels for all of you

  2. Prayers to you and Raul for swift travels~~~~may angels surround you!!