Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Raul's Arrival

Well they uploaded backwards in chronological order, but here are today's pictures!

Getting ready for nap time after the trip to the Embassy

Raul in his crib (don't worry about the onesie, it is HOT here)

Back at the hotel after the Embassy

Yogurt time before the Embassy

He ate two containers and then was mad that we had to leave and he couldn't have another. Coca said he prefers to eat by mouth now, instead of by bottle, which seems spot on so far!

Raul and TWO of his mamas

Me and Dorel

Coca brought a bunch of stuff for us for Raul from the hospital
*note: look at Raul's hand :)

First glimpse of them when the van door opened!


  1. Wow Caroline! It's so amazing what you're doing. I've been following what's been going on on facebook, and I'm so impressed with you and all that you're accomplishing for Raul. Best of luck to you both!