Sunday, July 17, 2011

Raul's First Visitors

Raul had his first visitors today! First, in the morning, my grandma and grandpa came up from Cape Cod to see Raul. We had lunch while watching Raul zoom around in his walker and chase Teddy. He LOVES Teddy, and thinks he is hilarious. He gave lots of smiles and giggles, and didn't get sleepy until around one (he has been taking morning naps). He rested in his crib for a while, but didn't really sleep. We got him up a little before our second visitors were coming, fed him a yogurt, and played a little. Raul likes sitting outside on our porch with my mom watching the cars go by.

Around 5 our second visitors came. It was Kristen (one of my teammates from Romania), and her parents. He was a little cranky since he hadn't napped, but still gave them smiles and giggles. He showed off all his new skills to Kristen, and ate a yogurt from her as well. Kristen's parents liked getting the chance to meet Raul too.

Raul was much happier today than yesterday. He "talked" a lot more, and was more mobile. He spent a bunch of time in the walker, and also a bunch of time on the floor rolling around. He was very close to crawling! He doesn't tuck his knees under since they are sore, but he was able to sort of drag them behind him on the floor. He also is getting close to going from a push up position to sitting. Today he stood a lot by himself as well. He does this while in the walker, but stands on his own. He also stood in his crib holding the side.

He seems to have a bit of a cold (he has been coughing since we got him), and has been extremely itchy, though that has subsided a bit with the allergy medicines. He has a couple sore areas that are bothering him, but he doesn't seem to be in too much pain. I changed his bandages today without a bath, and he barely even whined. I do his bandages in front of the TV to distract him, and it seems to work, especially while sitting him up to wrap his abdomen!

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