Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Week

Raul has officially been in the U.S. one week today! He has become a yogurt monster, eating up to seven cups a day (and baby food fruits)! He is officially done with bottles, but will drink out of a sippy cup sometimes. He loves his toys, but he especially loves his "car" (walker) and our dog Teddy. He likes to chase Teddy in his walker. Just a couple days ago he started having a soft "lovey", and now he falls asleep with it under his head holding part in his hand while he sucks his thumb. He is also still partial to the yellow half of a stacking chicken.

His skin is starting to clear up a bit now that he is in A/C and his itching is under control with Zyrtec, Atarax, and Benadryl. However, he does have a couple areas of skin that had discharge making them look infected, so we took him to the doctor Tuesday night. They were able to culture the areas. and we are waiting on those results, but in the meantime he is taking Keflex. He slept almost all day yesterday, but today seemed to be feeling a lot better. He is still a bit cranky, but he was eating a lot again, more playful, and more mobile. The doctor he saw was very nice, and she is going to call us to check in on Raul in the next couple days, and will also call us when the culture results come in. I got a bunch of compliments from nurses and residents about my bandaging too :)

He is also calming down a bit when it comes to his baths. He still screams in the tub, but is fine during bandages, and even during the tub he has gotten a bit calmer. We have also found that he really likes going in the car in his carseat. He almost always falls asleep in it, and it definitely relaxes him. He has also been sleeping through the night the past few nights, which is great! Before that he would usually wake up at 3 and 6, and seemed to have some nightmares that left him quite upset, but for now that has all stopped. Overall he seems to be adjusting well. Only ten days until we head out to CO for his EB clinic appointment!

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  1. Hi Caroline,

    I was wondering how you are doing. Did you get that procedure done today (Monday) and if so, are you OK ?

    God Bless,
    Lee Ann from the advocacy group