Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Epcot/Magic Kingdom

Sunday was a busy day! We switched hotels, took short naps, checked out all the Cars statues, and then headed to the parks around 6:30. It was semi-a comedy of errors, but Raul actually had a good time. We started at Epcot, and took pictures with the ball/globe (Raul really liked it for some reason), then wandered a bit. A few rides were closed, and I hadn't gotten a map, so we were wandering aimlessly. We ended up getting in line for the Nemo ride, but it stopped working for a while, so we got out of line and just checked out the aquarium area. Raul really liked that, and would have stayed longer, but we had gotten a late start and needed to get to MK for the parade. Then the monorail was broken, so we had to shlep by bus to the transportation center, and then by packed ferry to the MK.

Because of the transportation issues we were a bit behind schedule, but we made it in to see the talking Mickey and to grab a stroller tag before the parade! No time to get to the handicapped area, but we did get a front row spot. Raul was moderately interested in the electric parade; I think he will like the daytime one better. Then we went to meet Donald/Goofy and watched fireworks on our way to Small World. We were in the back of the park so the fireworks were loud; I had hoped to be back by the gate by that time, so Raul chose Small World instead of watching them. When we got out of the ride it was raining harder than I have seen in a long time! The puddles were higher than my feet within minutes. Thankfully I had stuck the stroller cover and a poncho under the stroller, though I still got soaked somehow. It poured the whole way back to the bus, which of course was the farthest possible stall. Raul fell asleep on the bus, and after grabbing something to eat quickly, we made it back to the room just before midnight! Despite a few issues, Raul actually had a really good day! The highlight was the talking Mickey; Raul loves him!


  1. Oh that pic of Raul laughing at Donald is so great! Made me laugh! :0