Thursday, August 27, 2015

Park Day Three: Epcot and Magic Kingdom

My mom joined us Tuesday night for the last few days of our vacation. On Wednesday we spent time at both Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Raul was a bit grumpy at the start of the day, as he was tired and hot, but then perked up. At Epcot we looked at the giant ball/globe, did a few activities in the indoor Innoventions areas, and met with Duffy the bear. Raul wasn't sure he wanted to see Duffy, but then was very happy we did! Duffy even wrote him a special note and gave him a whole pile of stickers. 

 Then we headed over to the Magic Kingdom. Raul was hesitant about rides, but agreed to do the Jungle Cruise if he could stay in his stroller, which worked well. He also got to see the Main Street fire truck/fire man, which was really cool. We met with the talking Mickey, Raul's favorite, then got spots for the parade. While waiting for the parade I ran and got return times for the Speedway, as Raul decided he really wanted to go on that with my mom. We watched the parade, and a few characters came over to say hi to Raul, then headed to the Speedway. Raul had a great time riding the race car and helped my mom steer a bit!

We were going to leave then, but Raul decided he wanted to see the talking Mickey one more time. So we got a return time, then played Uno in the lobby while we waited. When we went back to get in line for Mickey, a cast member who had seen Raul playing/scooting in the lobby came up and gave him a Mickey stuffed animal! He was excited to show off his new stuffed animal to the talking Mickey. 

We were all exhausted by the end of the day, so came back to the hotel to relax and have room service. We never made it to the car stunt show at Hollywood Studios, but Raul was just too exhausted by the late afternoon! We are now in a hotel with a view of the Epcot and Magic Kingdom fireworks from our balcony, which was very cool last night! Raul was too tired to watch them last night, but says he is going to tonight. 

Back at the hotel watching TV before bed after a busy day!


  1. I have not looked at your site in a long time just due to being extremely busy with work and kids. Had some extra time tonight and decided to check in. I am very happy that you all are ding well and that you are in Disney, which is my favorite place!! I know the Florida heat can be bad since I have lived here my entire life. Drink lots of water, even when you think you don;tneed it. Have a great trip,
    Lee Ann

  2. So cute! How kind of that cast member to give Raul the stuffed Mickey! I love Raul's Tigger, he looks really soft and cuddly!