Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Magic Kingdom (part two)

We took a day off on Monday and hung out at the hotel recovering from our late night on Sunday. We relaxed, played games, and explored the hotel a bit more. Today we headed back to the parks, starting with Magic Kingdom. It was very hot today, so I was pleasantly surprised when an entire line of people waiting to get their bags checked told us to go ahead of them (without me asking). We had breakfast at Crystal Palace with the Winnie the Pooh characters. Raul was a bit fussy, but gave them some good cuddles! Then we went out to the dance party for a few minutes, but it was a bit loud. We went back to see the talking Mickey again, which Raul loved! I think he would spend all day in there if he could!


  1. Raul going nose to nose with Piglet and then kissing Pooh's hand just melted my heart.

  2. Oh I LOVE PIGLET!!! He is my favorite! The one and only time I went to Disney I got to meet Goofy and pose for a photo with him, but I really would have loved meeting Piglet more! Raul you are one lucky duck! :)