Monday, August 24, 2015

Travel/Animal Kingdom Lodge/Nick Hotel

I had not posted about our plans earlier as we were concerned we would have to cancel when Raul was in the hospital and it looked like he might need long term IV antibiotics. However, since he was discharged on oral antibiotics instead, and was improving, we were able to take our late-summer vacation as planned! We are trying to do as many fun things as we can with Raul leading up to going to MN. 

Friday morning Raul and I flew out to Orlando! The airport process and flight were easy, and thankfully the flight was quicker than predicted! Raul was very excited when we arrived, as we took Disney's Magical Express bus to our hotel, which he had never done before. He liked being able to watch the animated cartoons and videos about the parks while we rode. And he got to use the wheelchair lift, which was pretty cool since it goes up very high to get into a full size bus! 

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and was Raul was excited to see all the animals he had missed since our last trip. He particularly likes the giraffes and zebras, but my favorite are the wild pigs that run to be put away for the night when they hear a kazoo sound (the other animals stay out overnight). We did some exploring around the hotel property, and had dinner at the buffet.

Today after breakfast, bandages, and some relaxing, we went to the Nick Hotel. We had never been there before, but Raul loves the Nick jr. characters, and really wanted to see them! We checked in around lunch time, and then explored while waiting for the character meet and greets. We had been given a schedule that included both the official meet and greets as well as some of the "surprise" ones that happen in the lobby to make sure Raul got to see everyone he was looking for! We also were given special passes that allowed us to go to the front of the lines, which was very helpful as the lines were pretty crazy for some of them and we did not want to risk Raul getting hurt or catching germs from standing in a large crowd. 

Raul was able to see Gil and Molly from Bubble Guppies, Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol, Squidward from Spongebob (he doesn't like Spongebob, but there was no line for Squidward!), Milli and Geo from Team Umizoomi, and Diego. He opted out of seeing Spongebob and Dora (the Dora one happened late). He was very excited about all of the characters he saw, though unfortunately was overwhelmed during the Paw Patrol one as everyone cheered when they came up, which Raul doesn't like, and then he was first. The whole hotel was pretty loud and overwhelming, but we are glad we went to see all the characters!

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