Friday, July 5, 2013

Water time

Today is another hot day with a heat warning. We decided to go for water play today, and it definitely did help cool us down. First we played on the porch with the wading pool. Raul played next to it for a while, but then we put him in. We put soap in to make bubbles, and he liked that. Then we decided to take him down to the water to play with the kayaks. First we sat on the rocks, then Raul went in the kayak. He loved throwing rocks into the water both from the shore and on the boat. He then demanded the paddle for the boat, and told us "bye". I was still in my pajamas, but the cold water felt so good in the heat! I got on the boat and paddled close to the shore, but Raul preferred just throwing rocks. Then my mom and sister took the boats out, and we sat with my dad feeling the waves and throwing more rocks. When they came back in we waded out to meet them and dunked a bit in the cold water! We learned yesterday that the foam bandages with silver that we use on Raul give off rust colored discharge when soaked, so that is what you see in the pictures.

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