Thursday, July 25, 2013

Immigration and the "Doctor House"

Yesterday we had Raul's biometrics appointment with USCIS. Since he is a young child (and doesn't have finger prints!), he only had to get a picture taken. It was a surprisingly efficient office, and everyone was friendly. Raul was not happy about having his picture taken, but they were able to get one that would be good enough.

We had no idea how long the biometrics appointment was going to take, so we had scheduled a "sick visit" with the doctor for an hour and a half later. Since we were out just minutes after our appointment time, we had a lot of time to kill! My dad and I wanted to get ice cream, but the hospital didn't seem to have it, so we went to a hotel next door and got yummy desserts! Raul hasn't been in a restaurant in ages as the last couple times he went he totally freaked out, but he actually did really well. We were also the only ones there, which probably helped!

Then we headed back to the hospital, and saw the doctor after waiting an extra half hour. The doctor was not my favorite, but did prescribe Raul antibiotics due to his skin infections. Luckily once we got in it didn't take too long, at least! Raul calls any doctors office or hospital the "doctor house". He has been saying frequently that he wants to go to the "doctor house", but we think he just likes the outing, because he is not very happy once we are there!

We went to my parents house for dinner, and Raul was excited to see Teddy the dog (or hmm as he calls him). Raul had a good time playing with everyone, but was exhausted by the time we got home since he hadn't napped. He fell asleep quickly, but then almost every 30 minutes all night was up screaming in pain, which seemed to be in his legs. It was a very rough night, but he seemed happier today, and took a nice long nap. Tonight he has a fever, which he actually hadn't been running before, but we are not quite 24 hours into the antibiotics yet. I am hoping he will feel much better by the weekend!

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