Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Mickey Mouse" on the farm

Today we found "Mickey Mouse" at the farm! We did our usual rounds by the animals, with the addition of the deer this time, and Raul's favorite tractors and barn cat. Then we found an area where they had a table out with plexi glass sides filled with mice. There were two moms, a dad, and lots of less than two week old babies. I do not like rodents, but the babies were actually pretty cute! It was the perfect height for Raul, and also perfect because they were moving around so much so it kept his attention. After hearing the word mouse so much he started calling them "Mickey Mouse", and also commenting on their log/cardboard tunnels. We asked if he wanted to see the chickens or stay with the mice, and he chose to stay longer. One of the ladies even took one out in a cup for him to see up close, which he loved! Then we went to the grocery store where he got to see his other favorite thing, bananas. He has a strange obsession with bananas, so was very excited!

Talking on his imaginary phone

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  1. Mice! Oh my. I had hamsters growing up but for some reason mice make me squirm LOL! I'm glad Raul loved them so much though! :)