Saturday, July 27, 2013

How Raul Eats Dinner...

Tonight Raul asked to get up and sit in a chair during dinner (he usually just plays). We have been giving him small amounts of baby food lately, so decided to try to feed him while we ate. Raul ate the first part facing the table, but with his feet up. Then he turned backwards in the chair to eat the rest! He kept insisting that Teddy get a bite, so once Raul had had enough, Teddy got a bite off the spoon, much to Raul's delight! They both thoroughly enjoyed their fruit blend!


  1. thanxs for alowing me to fallow u and ur son through his journeyon Facebook. god bless u and prayers being sent to u from iowa usa

  2. So cute! Yes, your little man certainly has a mind of his own, that is wonderful! You are a brave, strong and big hearted woman to be there for Raul. Teddy's a cutie too.
    Our butterfly will be 13 in a few weeks. He certainly hasa mind of his own also, lol.

  3. That Raul and his animals! He sure loves them.