Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Today was HOT. There was a heat warning for the area, and with the humidity it got to feeling like around 100. Yet Raul was determined to get outside this morning! We took him out for a short play time, then tried to keep him inside. We went to the grocery store to get a few things and to cool off. A few times I had to put Raul in the play pen to rest in our bedroom as that is the only room with air conditioning and they only way to keep him in there to cool off! In the evening our neighbors had a 4th of July party, which we went to for dinner, then headed up the street to the parade. It was the Fireman's Parade, so Raul was very happy to see all the trucks. It was SO hot, we were all dripping, but Raul wanted to stay. We didn't quite make it until the end, as it was just too hot to stand watching anymore. We came back to the house and Raul is now in bed watching Elmo and getting ready to sleep!

Raul escaping from the house this morning. He can get down the step so quickly!


Mid-morning we noticed a seal on the rocks behind our house! I couldn't get a good picture as my camera doesn't zoom very far, but it was adorable! It is in the middle of this photo

Raul at the beginning of the parade

He looks really unhappy, but he was actually loving the trucks, just not the heat.

"Look, more trucks!"

"A fire truck!"

We thought it was too hot, but at the end of the parade there is a massive bonfire, music, and food. The bonfire was built last weekend by the firemen. This is a picture from another year, but it looked the same this year. Every year they top it off with a wooden outhouse.

Here is a picture from another year of it burning. You can see how small the people look compared to the fire!

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