Thursday, July 4, 2013


We are on a mini vacation to Rockport for the fourth of July! Raul had school yesterday morning, and then we drove up. Raul spent a while in the wading pool (in his clothes so it didn't feel like a bath) playing with his new pool/beach toys. He even let us splash him a bit! Then we had to do bandages since he was soaked. Raul was excited to see the new kayaks and sit on one in the yard. Behind the second kayak we found a baby bunny that was adorable! Then we waved off my sister and dad when they took the kayaks out. In the evening we took a walk to the closest beach. For the first time ever Raul actually slept fairly well here!  He must have been exhausted after his busy day!


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  1. So wonderful! God bless u for all u do n have done for Raul! He is such a ham! Love him!