Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sick Part 3

Part 3, and hopefully the last part! My mom arrived yesterday, and we headed over to the ER at Children's. Unfortunately, we weren't lucky enough to get doctors/nurses that understood my medical problems, but at least they knew to give IV fluids! I got two liters of fluids, and then they sent me home to try to catch the rest of the way up drinking by mouth. Most of my labs were normal at least, so that was good. The seemed not to understand that we weren't there because I had food poisoning, we were there because of the dehydration and other effects that followed with my underlying conditions. And unfortunately the doctor I saw when I was there last time from metabolics was out of town this week. Also, the ER was PACKED, so that didn't help any!

My mom and Raul walked around some, and also stayed in the room some to watch Raul's favorite movie (Tangled). They saw a cheerleading performance in the lobby, which apparently Raul liked until it got too loud. He also did lots of his usual flirting, and made friends with a couple girls outside. We had issues feeding him though, because his pump/bag decided not to work while we were there. We got him to eat a little yogurt by mouth, and I slowly gravity fed him one feed. The other feed we just added on to his nighttime feed. Luckily with a new bag the pump worked again last night. We were at the hospital for like seven hours, but at least I got the fluids!

We all thought I would rest better at home than staying overnight in observation for more fluids, but unfortunately that seemed not to be the case, as Raul had a hard night with lots of screaming episodes. It seemed like his tummy was gassy, and painful. He is a little happier now playing and watching TV. There was supposed to be free breakfast today, but the people didn't come, so my mom is now going to IHOP to get food for me. Now that I am starting to get an appetite back I am craving strange foods. This meal should take care of those pesky ketones in my body!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon,Caroline!! :) I love the pictures of Raul..what a cutie!! :) Love, Aunt Nina

  2. Wow, Caroline, you are amazing! I just found out about your blog on someone elses blog. You are such an inpiration! We have six kids and we are getting ready to start fostering infants/toddlers in the next couple of weeks.
    We live in Highlands Ranch which is just south of Denver. Is there anything we can get for you or help you with?
    Please email me at
    I hope you feel better soon. Hugs to Raul!