Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Boy

We ended up having to go to outpatient radiology today to check Raul's tube placement since he threw up formula and his g-tube drained some formula. The tube was in the right spot, which actually makes it more complicated to figure out, unfortunately. The child life lady who played with him during his test gave him birthday presents though! Then we went to the special care clinic and saw a nurse to talk about what we should do for now. We agreed not to change the rate on his pump, so he doesn't get dehydrated, but tonight we are doing mostly pedialyte instead of formula. Then we will do half formula again, then eventually back to the goal. No nap today though, so Raul was cranky this afternoon.

Then we came back for dinner and bingo! We got tons of prizes at bingo, everyone did, but Raul hadn't napped and he cried every time they cheered. He also cried when everyone sang happy birthday to him. He did like the stuffed animals and car he won though. Georgia came over with two kids she babysits to bring Raul a present when we got back from the hospital. The RMH staff also gave him a present when they heard it was his birthday; they gave him a big truck! When we got back to the room after bingo Raul fell asleep almost immediately, he was so tired. So overall it was a good day, but I'm not sure he likes birthdays haha


  1. I love that you celebrate him for an entire week! :) Livy

  2. Great pictures!!!
    I miss you,