Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Twas' The Night Before Raul's Birthday

We were discharged from the hospital this afternoon, so Raul will be having a hospital-free birthday this year! I wouldn't say he is 100% for him, but he is SO much better than when we ended up in the PICU two weeks ago! Right when we were discharged we had an appointment in the Special Care Clinic to discuss more long term plans. So before we had even left the hospital, some plans had already changed! Instead of ending his Bactrim tomorrow, Raul will take it for four more weeks in case he has a deeper infection that we missed (like a bone infection in a different area, etc.). The cipro he will stop in a couple days though. They also prescribed a new itch medicine for nighttime, as Raul has been super itchy the last few days. We also discussed labs, prophylactic antibiotics, iron and blood transfusions, and the possibility of a repeat esophogram.

After going to the hospital pharmacy I hauled Raul and our stuff to the shuttle and back to the RMH. Raul did not have any clean home clothes left, so he had to leave in a hospital gown and his blanket, but when we got back we were greeted by a box of new clothes for Raul, and it was great to get him into something different! Due to his recent stomach issues, we had just been putting him in hospital gowns/pants since there was so much laundry, so it's nice to see him back in his clothes!

We got back just in time for dinner on the third floor. We ate with some of the parents/families we had met last time we were out of the hospital, and also met some new families. There are some amazing little kids here! After dinner we went to play in the playroom for a little while, and Raul had a lot of fun with the toys, and laughed watching some bigger boys run around. Raul played with Dakota for a while, and some of the bigger boys came over and wanted to play with me and Dakota's mom. It was nice to get updates on some of the people I haven't seen in a couple weeks! Apparently a group is going trick or treating on Halloween, and Raul was invited, so now we just have to hope he is still out of the hospital then!

Playing with a truck and wearing his new clothes from Laurie/The Butterfly Fund!

He loved this toy last time we were here too

I think this shirt is appropriate for Raul!

Trying out his new winter hat with dinosaurs!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
    Wish I could be there but so grateful I got to be part of your pre-birthday.
    Love to both of you,

  2. These are great pictures! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAUL!

  3. Happy Birthday Raul! I love that new shirt - it's wicked cute! And the winter hat is very cool!