Monday, October 3, 2011

My Little Chub

We went to the doctor today, and Raul now weighs just over 20 pounds!! He gained one pound in the last six days, and five in the five weeks he has had his g-tube! I love his new chub! The other good news: his blood work was normal! CRP lower, normal white count, not anemic! They got the blood on the second stick, which for him is pretty amazing. He screamed, but not as bad as in the past, as he was watching Mickey Mouse on the TV. Aside from the obvious fact that he is clinically healthier, the other good news is that we can now start his vaccinations. He got two shots today, as well as the nasal flu vaccine. We are just going to go slowly until he is totally caught up. We are also upping the dose of one of his pre-bath meds., as he freaked out so much last time, so hopefully it will go a bit better now! He is still having fevers, which is mysterious since his counts are so good, so we are just watching it for now. We also saw Robin, Raul's inpatient speech therapist again while waiting in the lobby after his appointment (hi, Robin!).

I have been slowly feeling better, and am now doing pretty well. My mom left today to head back to Boston, and will be back in about ten days for her already scheduled visit. She was able to organize all the medical supplies in our room (a big task!), do our shopping and laundry, and take care of Raul for me while I was not feeling well. They even went back to the zoo yesterday while I took a nap! Raul has been sleepy today too, so we've both had a couple naps, but also some good play time! Apparently Raul also likes to go down the slide now, and he really likes the toys in the big playroom!


  1. This is great news! Praise God! :)

  2. Dear Caroline,

    We are praying daily for your and Raul's complete healing. May God bless you both always,
    Lee Ann