Friday, October 7, 2011


We are out of the ICU now, and back up on the 8th floor. The last two days were really hard for Raul, but he is starting to improve. This morning we were able to turn off his oxygen, as his sats are now good on room air. He is also awake and alert today, unlike yesterday where he just slept and was hard to wake. He's definitely still tired and cranky, but he is fighting whatever this is! We don't actually know what it is that he is fighting, but he is on three antibiotics (two IV) and also medicine to help control his fevers. He is still having pretty high temperatures though despite all that. At his bath today he had one area of skin that looked infected, but I'm not sure it looked bad enough to have made him this sick, and it also wasn't there when I brought him in. They checked for pneumonia because of his oxygen, and it wasn't that, and so far his blood cultures have been normal too. He's kind of a mystery! But for now we are resting comfortably back on the floor!

I only got two pictures in the ICU, as he was just too sick to bug!


  1. My poor little buddy!! I miss you guys.

    Love, Tata

  2. Keeping your little guy in my prayers.