Monday, April 13, 2015


We had a busy day today! In the morning I had a doctor's appointment, so the kids stayed in the waiting room with my mom. Then we drove about an hour away to a car dealership for wheelchair vans, and looked at some used mini vans with wheelchair ramps. Tomorrow they will be bringing one to our house so that we can try to get Raul's power chair into it, and see how that goes. The car place was near the zoo, so we decided to go to the zoo for an hour before they closed as it was such a nice day! Raul's knee has really been hurting him again, so he had a hard time with the bumps in the road while we were driving, but he was excited about our adventures. We ended up having time to see everything Raul wanted, as well as a few new animals. He particularly liked the seal, giraffe, elephant, camels, and the kangaroos (there is a new spot where you can walk along a path inside the kangaroo area). 

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  1. Precious Raul, I love your giraffe ears & horns.