Sunday, April 12, 2015


Today Raul went to the playground in his power chair for the first time! He did an amazing job driving his power chair both ways. He also drove his power chair onto the play structure and around all the ramps before deciding to get down and scoot for a while. He talked to a bunch of the other kids who were playing, and told them all about his cool airplane shirt. Then he saw a girl on a bike and decided to get back in his power chair to race her. The little girl asked about his power chair, and seemed to think it was pretty cool. We told Raul that if he went over in the grass or on the basketball court area he could drive fast and silly for a while, which he had a lot of fun with! I took some videos that I will work on uploading later. It is so fun to see him having all these new experiences! 


  1. Looks like he's found his freedom! Watch out, world, here comes Raul! :)

  2. Raul has a great time wherever he goes!