Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Raul brought his new power chair home from school today. I am already amazed watching him do so many things that he could not do without it, and we haven't even taken it out anywhere yet! He got himself from the bus to our apartment (multiple doorways, an elevator, and a couple tight turns), can elevate to sit at the kitchen counter, can turn on/off the lights, and can reach the sinks! I am excited to see what new experiences he will have outside the house!

First is a video of him driving at school the day he got his power chair. Second is a video of him playing with the lights for the first time at home today. I wish I had gotten a video the first time he did it, as his face just lit up! This chair can elevate, tilt, and lower to the ground so he can scoot himself in/out of it on his own. I think he will like his new independence!

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  1. Raul finds joy in everything! His speech is terrific.