Saturday, April 18, 2015

Playground Day

The weather was beautiful today, so we spent some time at the playground. Raul asked to use his stroller, we think it was a bit too tiring to go that far concentrating on driving his power chair last time. There were lots of children at the playground. Raul had brought a truck that he likes to send down the slides.  A little boy came over to see him, and we figured out that it was a friend from his class at school! This little boy, and another little girl, played with Raul on and off while we were there. They all took turns sending the truck down the slide, and the other two also took turns going to get it and sending it back up. They all did great sharing and talking to each other!

1 comment:

  1. Wasn't the weather AWESOME today?! I made sure to get outside myself, although I didn't go to a playground like you, Raul! Looks like you had a blast! How nice to get to hang out with your friend from school and that little girl as well! Love the shades, by the way... :)