Sunday, April 26, 2015

End of Vacation Week

Yesterday Raul was playing with Harold the helicopter while I cooked dinner. He started asking for help, so I asked what he needed help with, and he said, "Mama, I need some help, I need some wind power!". He wanted me to blow on the propellers to get them to spin! Another science lesson thanks to Blaze and the Monster Machines! 

Today was a bit chilly, but we went on a trip to Raul's favorite playground! It has an accessible section, but what he likes there is the sand box with construction vehicles. He played with a few other little boys while we were there, and liked digging holes and making mountains of sand. He wanted to make a sandcastle too, but the sand was too dry. After the playground he got to pick out two Matchbox cars at the grocery store with his tooth fairy money! Well actually, he was a bit nervous about the tooth fairy and said he didn't want her to come, but said that I could put tooth money under his pillow. 

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  1. The tooth fairy/odd being can be disconcerting to a child, but what fun to get matchbox cars!