Sunday, August 18, 2013


Raul and I spent the weekend in Rockport with my dad and Teddy. Raul was excited, and loved riding in the car with Teddy! Raul got to see two different farms close to the house, play crazy with my dad and Teddy, and throw rocks into the ocean. Raul managed to hurt his little finger at some point, and to fix the skin required some intervention, but he actually didn't seem to mind, I think it felt better after (it just made me a little nervous!). We had a really hard night, unfortunately, and Raul barely slept. He seemed very itchy and in pain. It may have been due to some of his wounds, as when I changed his dressings it looked like he may have some infections again. He still had a good day today though, and only napped a little in the car. Hopefully it will be an early night!

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  1. Oh Teddy is so cute! And Raul sitting next to him, well that's just one really awesome photo! Glad he had a good weekend :)