Friday, August 2, 2013

Santa's Village!

Today we drove up to Northern New Hampshire to take Raul to Santa's Village! He was very funny in the car, and kept us entertained the whole way. He napped for about the last 20 minutes. I haven't been up here since I graduated high school, and it is really beautiful at this time of year. We are only about 15 minutes from where I went to school. Seeing the mountains is nice, and much different than the scenery at home!

We got to Santa's Village late afternoon, and spent about two hours there. We went on a bunch of rides, visited the reindeer, saw Santa, and took lots of pictures! Raul loved seeing Santa and the reindeer, and seemed to like most of the rides too. We went on one near the beginning that was much faster than we thought, and was sort of like a roller coaster but just on a circular track. My mom and I both felt very sick by the time it ended, but Raul actually seemed to like it! Santa's Village is a really cute amusement park.

Then we came back to check into the hotel, and had an early dinner. Raul did an amazing job at dinner and stayed in the restaurant for an hour! After dinner we walked around outside to check out the pool and look at the beautiful mountain view. There was a campfire with smores, which Raul enjoyed looking at. The hotel has lots of activities, but most are for older children and adults. They have a farm on the property and in the morning there is a tour with the farmer, but it is earlier than we usually get up, so we will probably go check it out ourselves later!

Raul decided we didn't pack him enough cars, so started packing his own backpack

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  1. Very nice place. Raul is looking big! Glad he enjoyed the day.