Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Visit to The "Doctor House"

Yesterday I had to take Raul to the ER at Children's due to intermittent retractions when breathing that had started over the weekend. Luckily his chest x-ray looked good, so they felt fine sending us home and waiting to do more testing when we see the pulm. at the end of August. Raul has an interstitial lung disease, but the markings were only considered mild on his x-ray yesterday, which is great! Raul totally freaked out about the x-rays, but other than that was pretty happy. We will find out more about his lungs after the further testing. We spent a bunch of extra time at Children's in the lobby as Raul loved the fish and ball thing. It was a long day, and luckily Raul slept fairly well last night!

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