Sunday, August 4, 2013

Home, and EB News

Today we headed home from NH. We drove through my high school, but didn't get out as it had just started raining really hard, and Raul was sleeping. Raul's breathing seemed to be affected by the altitude due to his suspected interstitial lung disease, so he was extra tired, and slept the whole way home. We were going to take him to see the bears at Clark's Trading Post, but it was raining too hard and we decided not to wake him up. So we headed on our way home, and Raul got a nice long nap! He was acting much more like himself once we were home, which was reassuring. The rest of the afternoon we just spent relaxing and playing, and I am hoping we will sleep well tonight!

Today there was big news for the EB community! With this news it seems that we are one step closer to a cure! I am excited to see how this works for little Charlie!

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