Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last Weeks of Vacation

Last week was a busy week for us, with doctors appointments every day but one! The highlights are that Raul had another swallow study done, and he didn't aspirate at all,  and only had trouble with drinkable liquids. This means he is now cleared to eat purees. He is still getting all his nutrition through his feeding tube, but has now been snacking on baby foods as well! Anything with texture or chunks makes him throw up, but he loves his "yum yums"!

At his pulmonary appointment the doctor said that she does not think he has true interstitial lung disease, but that he has damaged lungs from aspiration, as well as thickened airways (likely from inflammation). We are not going to pursue any further testing at this point, but will be followed every few months. She also prescribed an inhaler for when he is coughing or having trouble with his secretions. So good news at both those appointments!

This week we are spending the week in Rockport. I had a fairly minor surgery yesterday, but I am recovering up here where my parents can help with Raul. I am not able to lift him for a few days, so definitely needed some help! He has been very cute and talkative, lately. He will start back at school next week, in his second year of pre-school. I can't believe he will be four in less than two months!

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