Monday, February 29, 2016

Day +145

We had a long day waiting for it, but Raul was finally extubated around 6pm! Early this morning he passed a test on the vent with just pressure support, and then at about 11am we turned him to just pressure support for the rest of the day before he was extubated. 

Yesterday they had said morning extubation, then we had rounds mid-morning and they said early afternoon, but then it took him much longer than expected to be awake enough for it. He had his eyes open all day starting from about 8am, and he was moving, but he was not following commands enough to satisfy them until the evening. 

Unfortunately, we are now dealing with delirium from him being sedated for the past week. It is terrible to watch. He is inconsolable and in his own little world. We are going to give melatonin (part of the issue is the lack of night/day and sleep cycle), and then they are discussing another medication that might help. They said in the long run giving him more benzos now would not help. He has been moaning and writhing for hours, and is finally calming down a little.

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  1. What a relief! Being intubated is a phobia of mine... Love you Guys! With a capital G thanks to Siri, but I like it!!