Saturday, February 27, 2016

Day +144

The continuous dialysis was stopped around 10pm last night as the circuit was starting to need to be replaced and they thought they had gotten enough fluid off. He got a little fever once they took him off that, and since then has had a good temp. It looks like it was the continuous dialysis making him so cold before. Today he got four hours of regular dialysis, and will have his next run Monday. Thankfully he had no blood pressure issues or anything during dialysis.

Our dialysis excitement today was that the drain in the wall wasn't working and we flooded the room next to us and out into the hall! Luckily no one was using that room! They had to disconnect it and drain into the toilet for the rest of the time. So even though our room was dry, maintenance made them move us to a different room so that they could make sure the wall dried out properly.

Last night they also weaned the peep on his vent to 8, and then today down to 6. His lung looked much better on this morning's xray, so the current plan is to try to extubate him tomorrow morning as long as things continue to go well!

We are increasing his formula every 6 hours, and are at 13 ml/hr right now. We stopped his TPN/lipids after dialysis to lower his fluid intake since he will not be getting dialysis tomorrow and we want him in a good place to try to extubate him.

Raul seemed more sleepy today, but we think that might be because before he was on the continuous dialysis which would have been dialyzing off some of his sedatives. Tonight though he had his eyes open for a while and actually seemed a bit more aware even with the heavy sedation. We are not going to wean his sedation until right before they try to extubate him (they are short acting meds.). 

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  1. I'm thinking of you and Raul! Tell him to keep up the good work and get off the ventilator ASAP. Love, Uncle John