Friday, February 26, 2016

Day +143

Last night we were able to wean Raul's oxygen back to 25%. Today his lung looked better on x-ray, so we decreased his PEEP back down to 9. We attempted to get an EKG, but were not very successful. Last night we started TPN/Lipids, and today started formula through his J tube at just 3 ml/hr. 

We started him on a new antibiotic as the bacteria from his ankle was resistant to what he had been on. He was also started on a medication to help him produce his own platelets, which will hopefully help keep his level higher and keep him from requiring so many transfusions. His current parameter is 50, and he only got platelets once in the past 24 hours, which is good! 

His BUN/Creatinine have been happy with the continuous dialysis, and are within normal ranges. Today he did not look puffy, so they slowed down how much fluid they were pulling. The current plan is to stop the continuous dialysis tomorrow, and go back to intermittent hemodialysis on Monday. His liver enzymes were improved today from the last check as well.

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