Thursday, February 25, 2016

Day +142

Today was a quieter day thankfully! They did have to increase his PEEP on his vent back from 8 to 10 due to his collapsed left lung, and had to increase his oxygen a little as it sometimes drops a bit when he wakes up more and gets agitated. Neither were major changes though, and we should be able to wean again tomorrow. We have been using the warming blanket as his temperature has been a little low on and off, but the dialysis seems to lower it a little too. 

Raul opened his eyes a lot today, which was so nice to see! He is still heavily sedated, so he wasn't really "awake", but it still made me happy to see. We got the official CT results and there were no bleeds. He did have a little overall shrinkage, but not necessarily even related to this event.
Later on when he is more stable we will do an MRI to check for any specific damage, and mostly we will just see how he does once we wean his vent and sedation. At this point we really don't know what the level of damage will be. Things could be the same, things could be substantially different, or most likely somewhere in between. 

We have gotten around 1.5 liters of fluid off with the dialysis so far, and he is looking so much less puffy already! Yesterday he was unbelievably puffy! Hopefully he will only need another day or two of the continuous dialysis. Other than the dialysis, today was just a low key day to let Raul rest and let his body heal.

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