Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

Our week of vacation is coming to an end, and Raul is sad for it to be over! We had a great week filled with many trips to the playground, visiting the fire station, watching a house's foundation be demolished by an excavator, drives around town, a visit to the train station, and lots of playing at home! Unfortunately, Friday morning Raul woke up with a scratched eye,  so that was more of a low key day. It was still bothering him today, but definitely improved and he could open it okay. 

 Today Raul took a nice nap so that he could stay up tonight for the bonfire in town. We went to a neighbor's house for a cookout, but it was raining so we didn't spend much time out at the party. Raul and I did play a beanbag toss game that he liked. Then we headed to the fire truck parade. This is something that he has been waiting all year for! The noise bothered him a bit more this year, but overall he liked it. When we got home he used the candy he had gotten during the parade to play fire truck parade (the candies were various vehicles). We had brought a fire hat from home for him to wear, and then also decorated his wheelchair to be engine #1, just like the Rockport one. 

Then tonight we walked into town to see the giant bonfire, which is something we hadn't done before. The bonfire is put on by the fire department, and we had watched them making the pile during the week. For some reason it is always topped with an outhouse. The other good part about going to the bonfire was that all the firetrucks and ambulances from the parade were parked down there so we could check them out! 

At first the fire was having trouble catching on our side, but then it went crazy! After a little while they turn the hoses on, but they didn't seem to make much of a difference. We didn't get too close, but the heat coming off of it was intense even at a distance. We also got to see several fireworks displays over the harbor while watching the fire. When we left the fire did not appear to be slowing down any!


  1. Wow, that bonfire really is something! I'm so happy that Raul had a good time with all of your fourth of July adventures! What fun!

  2. Happy 4th of July, Raul. My son used to tell me, "Resting is hard for a little boy." But, it looks like you have had a very full week. Enjoy today.