Monday, July 13, 2015

Museum/Fire Station

We had a busy day today! This morning we went to a children's museum that was more half indoor playground/half museum. Raul really enjoyed it, and checked out many of the different areas. His favorite was the "heroes" room, of course! He dressed up in a fire suit, played with vehicles, and read books. At the museum he also did a few building activities, sat on the wooden train, and explored all the different structures. We got there right at the end of a reptile program, so he even got to see a tiny alligator up close! 

After lunch and a few errands we decided that we would stop at the fire station. We had perfect timing, as when we got there they had the ladder truck out with the hose spraying up top. It turned out that they had a new firefighter training, and they were teaching him how to use the ladder truck. We watched them for a while, and got to talk to several firefighters. They brought Raul a hat (and explained the different colors among their hats), and even showed us some of the tricks the ladder truck can do while driving. We also looked at the various other vehicles inside the station (firetrucks, ambulances, boats, a truck for driving in the forest, etc.). It was definitely a very interactive visit, which was great!

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